Mexico pricing sucks!

For electronics, anyway. I posted recently about the Panasonic Lumix TZ3 digital camera. With every passing day, I want one more and more. It shall be mine. But not from a Mexican store. This camera retails for as little as US$326 in the United States. I found one today in Sanborns. Admittedly you’d expect it to cost a bit more in Sanborns. But US$560?!?! Bloody ridiculous! It’s nearly double the price! Why anyone buys products at these rip off prices I’ll never know. I want an MP3 player and this camera. The price difference between the US and Mexico is so massive that I could fly to a city in the States, buy them, have a nice day out, fly back, and feel content that even with the price of the flight included – I saved money! Seriously – I don’t know why groups of friends don’t pool together the cost of a flight, send one of them over to bring back a few goodies.

panasonic_tz3_1.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x287 pixels)

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