Happy New Year!


Another year ends, with a new one soon to begin. I’m off to Oaxaca tomorrow so this is my last post of 2007 before I log off in a few moments. Five days without my computer…how will I cope? I have my cameras, so fear not, there’ll be a flurry of posting upon my return!

I just had a look back through my blog archives for the last year…see a blog is well worth keeping! Aside from the photos, there’s plenty of memories embedded in the bits and bytes at Opera’s HQ! 2007 started good, with me still in Milwaukee on holiday. In April my mum visited just in time for a 6.3 earthquake, the strongest since I’ve been here. In May there was the despair of Liverpool losing in the Champions League Final, but I did get to see Steve Skaith perform in Coyoacan before he left Mexico for good, heading back to the UK. I became a published photographer, and set a new world record (kind of!) on the Mexico City Metro system. There was a memorable holiday in Huichapan over the Independence Day weekend. Bob and Homer turned 2 years old, with Bob winning the inaugural Turtle Derby to the sound of Benny Hill. I turned 35 in October and to celebrate I went to see the Doors live at Auditorio Nacional – a great performance and a highlight of the year for sure. And this month I went ice skating in the Zocalo, which definitely wan’t something I’d have anticipated at the beginning of the year!!

It’s been fun – I hope you had a good one too. If not, I hope you enjoyed reading about me having a good one! Better luck next year! Happy New Year to you, whoever you may be. Adios for now…

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