The Road to Oaxaca

It’s a long drive to Oaxaca City. Long, long, long. But the scenery can be awesome, especially between Puebla and Oaxaca as you wind through the mountains. It’s a pleasant wind – the other side of Oaxaca towards the coast in a seriously extra twisty and seemingly never ending wind! We did that two years ago, all eight to ten nauseous hours of it, and we’ll never do it again! We met a family at the hostel who had made that drive to get to Oaxaca, and they chose to change their plans to drive back and booked tickets to fly to Acapulco instead. It really is that bad! The one bonus, if I remember rightly, is that there are not many tolls between the coast and Oaxaca. From Mexico DF there must be at least 10 tolls, and they do drain the dinero – we must have paid about 400 pesos each way, although I haven’t added up the receipts yet to see exactly.


More photos on Flickr

We passed Volcan Izta on the way. My goal for this year is to climb this monster. It’s pretty do-able even for people with little or no climbing experience. I’ve already got a blog prepared for the event, although I’m not planning to do it until October so don’t expect to see many updates for a few months yet.

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