New Years Day, and not content with one set of awesome ruins already visited on this trip, we set off to Mitla, another Zapotec (originally) settlement. We took Family Collantine from Portland with us, which can’t have been comfortable for them – four of them packed in the back of my little Nissan Sentra for a good couple of hours there and back! Still, we did get there safe and sound, and have a good wander around the site. Some of the ‘brick work’ of the wall mosaics is quite fantastic, and symbolic, and there are some patches of mural which are still visible. A church with four very red domes really stands out, as do the walls of cactus. And if you’re a believer in magic there is another little church atop an old pyramid which is now used for spell casting purposes. Failing that there is a handicraft market for you to waste a few dollars on. Or you can just look at my photos – click the link below. I got some pretty good ones, even if I say so myself.


More photos on Flickr

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