New Years Eve Party

After a long day doing a lot of walking around Monte Alban, we had a decision to make – where to go to cheer in the New Year. We had two options. To go into Oaxaca’s Centro Historico and try and find somewhere to eat, and watch the fireworks and listen to the live music in the main Zocalo, or stay at the hotel where a special meal was being prepared to accompany music from the stereo. At 350 pesos a person, the hotel wasn’t sounding like a value for money option. Nor a terribly fun one. I’ve seen these tourist orientated all inclusive options before, and they’re rarely good. But then, in it’s favour were the facts that seats at the table were definitely available (we had left it late to be booking a table in the city centre) and we didn’t have to go anywhere. How much would a cab cost after midnight from the city?? We plumped for the hotel.


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As it turned out, we made the right decision. For a start, a party is only as good as the people you’re with, and we had a table of fellow gringos who were all jolly nice (I have to say this, as I gave them my blog address, and they have offered us accomodation if ever we head to Portland! 🙂 )and the dinner laid on was a genuinely sumptuous feast! Sumptuous is a word I use rarely, and usually only after a beer, but it really was so good that I’m wheeling out all the special vocab for it! Turkey, pork, chicken lasagne, apple salad and loads of other dishes which I simply can’t remember, except that they were…..well, sumptuous! There was also a huge range of spirits, wines, beers and soft drinks – all included in the price. Shame I don’t drink more, I really lose out. Still, as far as value goes, it paid off the next day. We were allowed to eat the plentiful amount of left overs the next day, so at just $150 each per night – bargain!

The party itself was great. Party hats and the essential 12 grapes were all ready and waiting. It’s Mexican tradition to eat 12 grapes at midnight, one at each of the 12 chimes of the bell. You have to make wishes. After eating the first grape, my next wish was that the next 11 grapes wouldn’t be packed with seeds like the first one was. No joy there. And Jennifer Lopez hasn’t knocked on my front door yet. Nor her identical twin sister. I place little faith in ‘wishes’ though, so maybe I need to have more belief. I don’t know. Maybe things will work out better next year. Maybe I should eat all the grapes, and not wimp out at 9, about half an hour after the last bell had chimed…

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