My New Bike

Woohoo! I have saved hard (ok, that’s a bit of a lie) and now I have my new bike! Originally, I intended to buy Paola a new bike for Christmas, because she’s been nagging for one for at least a year. But then I got an urge to get a bike – now that I have so much work at Lilly, which is only 2 or 3 miles from my home, I can save money wasted on petrol and time wasted in traffic and just cycle there. I could do with the exercise too, I s’pose!

Anyway, we went to the main place to buy bikes yesterday. My plan was a simple one. On Sundays the city centre is shut down so that the people of the city can ride around on their bikes, which is of course extra motivation to buy one! They also let you take your bikes on the metro on Sundays, which is cool. So – buy a bike, cycle around for a bit, then home on the metro. So was the plan…


But just as we left, Paola’s dad phoned, found out what we were up to, and wanted to come. He likes bikes too apparently. So we met up at his office, and then drove to Pino Suarez. I don’t know why – I did mention that the city is closed for cyclists. But we parked up in the end, and started walking. It turned out that I was the only one who knew where the streets selling the bikes was. And I didn’t really know. I just knew it was somewhere around Pino Suarez because I passed them a month ago when got incredibly lost looking for a museum. That kinda annoyed them a bit. They got more annoyed when they discovered the area is full of pretty ugly prostitutes, which is something else I hadn’t told them….

But we found the place in the end, and I chose my bike. A Benotto, which I’ve never heard of, but it’s a good make apparently, and at 2,300 pesos was a reasonable price. Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either. It has to be said, the most excited person there was Paola’s dad, who not only did all the talking (which is fine by me!) by took it for a test ride too! The least excited was Paola, who, after a year of nagging, changed her mind and didn’t buy one. Women….

Still, I have my bike, a set of lights front and back, and a decent lock (an absolute necessity!) and will test out the ‘cycle friendliness’ of Mexico’s roads later on today when I take it to Lilly for the first time!

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