Oaxaca’s Musical Heritage

When you visit Oaxaca, you can’t help but notice a few basic things about the place. It’s truly a beautiful region. It’s also very poor, one of the poorest in Mexico. But it’s also so in touch with it’s heritage and cultural roots. It could be argued that it’s never really had the opportunity (money!) to leave them behind. From rug weaving, and pottery to the atmosphere and vibrant colours of the city centre, it is often like the 20th Century never made it this far, let alone the 21st Century. Not that it hasn’t made it’s mark on Mexico as a whole. The first and so far only truly indigenous Mexican President, Benito Juarez, was from Oaxaca. The food is reknowned throughout the land, and it’s beaches are some of the hottest destinations in the country.

Musically too, Oaxaca is unique, and there is one instrument that is very famous, and is played in markets and centres around the city and beyone. I think it’s called the Marinder’, but I’m really not sure. Hopefully someone will put me right! It’s very similar in appearance to an Xylophone, but different enough to have a new sound for your eardrums to sample! Maybe the Xylophone was derived from this, I just couldn’t tell you.


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