Shopping in Oaxaca

We all have something to be very, very, very grateful to Oaxaca for. Chocolate was first ‘invented’ here! And the craft of chocolate making still goes on in a (Spanish colonial) traditional way. The most popular way of consuming chocolate here is to make it into a hot drink, which is fine by me! You’ll get served a hot bowful with a sweet bread roll as a starter in the market. I took a photo of one I got served if you check out my photos on Flickr. You can also go see it made, as they push the beans, plus any flavourings (vanilla or cinnamon is popular) into the grinding/crushing type machine, and watch the liquid pour out of the bottom. Yes, I did buy a few packets to bring home!


Click here for more photos on Flickr

It’s not just chocolate they produce of course. Good coffee too, which we also bought for our new coffee maker. It cost just 100 pesos for a kilogram of their best stuff! Try buying a kilo of good, fresh coffee in the UK for a fiver. If you like pottery, you can also snap up a million different things made from black clay, which is also a speciality of the region. Five pesos bought me a little turtle whistle…

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