Two Days of Biking

So I’ve had my bike for a couple of days, and putting some miles on it. And it’s brought back memories. When I moved to Dorset I had no form of transport other than a slightly aged racer, which for a year I had to pedal 8 miles to work and back, usually 6 days a week. Up and down steep hills, in the rain and sometimes snow. At night. It wasn’t that much fun really. I don’t have that grief with my new bike. First off, it has suspension which is surprisingly effective. Secondly, the 21 gears are changed by twisting the hand grip, rather than reaching down on to the frame to play with an iffy lever. Thirdly, I only have to go a few miles, on flat ground, and if ever I get a puncture, I can just take the bus.


But….it has at least one thing in common with the old racer. Boy, I’d forgotten what a saddle can do to yer bum – I’m glad I have to take the metro tomorrow, and can give my backside a rest! And there are a couple of negatives…in Dorset I could breathe in fresh air and didn’t have to worry about avoiding dollops of doggy poo every few metres! Such is life, you can’t have it all I suppose!

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