Ice Skating World Record

The temporary ice rink in the zocalo is about to be (or maybe already has been) dismantled and taken away. But not before a final act to give it a more longer lasting legacy. Hundreds of children skated the world’s longest ever congo to set a new world record. They’ve sent off the necessary evidence to have it accepted by Guinness World Records – let’s hope they have more luck than I had with them for my Metro Marathon!

More than 200 children and teenagers wobbled across a large rink in Mexico City’s main square Wednesday, in what the city government claimed set a new world record for the longest human chain of ice skaters. To break the record, more than 102 people needed to skate in a chain for more than three minutes, said Jose Pablo Rodriguez of event organizer Key Entertainment. Mexico City topped that when 225 kids aged about eight to 15 skated in a line, said a city government employee who wasn’t authorized to give his name. It took them five tries, he said. Photos showed a long line of skaters dressed in white and red, each holding the waist of the person in front of them like a conga line, skating around the rink. Opened last month for the holiday season, the rink covers some 3,200 square metres – twice the size of a professional hockey rink. "The dimensions of our rink here in the Zocalo make it a little easier for the…people to skate all at the same time," Rodriguez said. The capital’s government said results would be submitted to Guinness World Records for verification.


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