British Banks – D Day is here…

Some of the biggest bank in Britain are headed to the High Court today for a test case which will decide if their outrageous, unfair and thieving ‘penalty charges’ are fair or not. Rarely have I wanted to see a collection of businesses screwedover in court as much as I want to see NatWest, Barclays, HSBC, Llyods TSB et al screwed over. Karma, I think it’s called.


The banks are arguing that their charges are legal because they are ‘service’ charges, not penalty charges. Yeah, right! Perhaps wheel clampers and traffic wardens can start claiming their fines are actually service charges too. The banks are applying these charges when ‘agreements’ are broken, and they already apply a service charge – interest.

What I find pretty appaling is that all the small court claims against the banks have been put on hold until after the test case. Why? Well, the charges might be legal. So why haven’t they ordered the banks to put on hold any further charges made against their customers, seeing as they might equally be illegal?

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