Keirsey Temperament Test

I came across this today, and it was a bit of fun. Worth sharing, even. I’ve done a few of these sorts of tests, be it personality or politically orientated. What makes this one more interesting than most is that it gives a very detailed report on what it has assessed you to be. Personally, I take these things with a pinch of salt. I read through a few different potential personality types and there are elements from many of them which I think fit me. But self analysis is the least objective of all the sciences known to man! Want a go? The official test is at Keirsey.com, but they will only give you a limited report for free. You can go and do a similar test at HumanMetrics which will then give you a score and send you to the official Keirsey page for the full details of your ‘type’.


Keirsey Temperament Website - Homepage - Personality Test

What was I? I apparently am a Rational, more specifically an ENTJ – a Fieldmarshall. I think I read that 2% of the population fit into this group. There are 15 other groupings if I remember rightly.


ENTJ is sometimes considered to be the ideal type in business – for example MBA students who take the MBTI are expected to test as ENTJ. One could argue however that ESTJ are more apt at the routine of working one’s way up in a large business organization than the visionary and original ENTJ. The positive traits of an ENTJ are that they are Assertive, Outspoken, Confident, Outgoing, Energetic, Charismatic, Fair-minded and they aren’t affected by Conflict or Criticism. The negative traits contradict their strengths and they appear Argumentative, Confrontational, Insensitive, Intimidating, Controlling and so they tend to be Overwhelming. ENTJ’s in general have a great amount of personal power and this is how they end up preferring to take charge. Also, ENTJ’s are “knowledge-seekers” as they strive to learn new things, which helps them become good problem-solvers. They may be considered aloof and cold-hearted since ENTJ’s appear to take a tough approach to emotional or personal issues, and so feeling and value judgements are not a place for ENTJ’s. 

Does that sound like me? What are you?

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