My new MP3 will be…

It’s been a long time coming. The battery on my Archos died at the end of the summer sometime, and travelling on the metro hasn’t been quite as much fun since. I’ve had plans for a replacement for a couple of months, but they’ve never quite come off. I’m not buying one from Mexico – the range of available players is too limited, and the prices they charge here are exhorbitant. But whenever someone from the US has come here, or whenever someone here has gone there on a trip something has gone wrong. Too little notice to order it, too little money or a non functioning debit card!

But the time has come! One of my students flies to Indianapolis next week, and is going into Best Buy, and he will have a few hundred of my dollars, with make and model instructions! I’ve had plenty of time to deliberate as to exactly what I want to buy. Originally I wanted an Archos 605, but really, once you’ve bought the necessary extras like a dock, codecs and browser, the price is pretty high. Then I wanted a Creative Zen with a 2.5″ screen. Cheap, but not much memory and the screen isn’t so big. After that came the Samsung P2 – beautiful little player, nice touch screen, great reviews, but Best Buy only stock the 4GB model in store. So I have finally settled on the…..

img_23441_microsoft_zune.jpg (JPEG Image, 475x475 pixels)

…Microsoft Zune 80gb 2nd generation model. Massive storage, fabulous 3.2″ screen, good codec support, pretty good reviews on the whole and small enough to put in a jeans pocket. All for $249, which is pretty hard to beat for the specs offered. I get it on February 5th! Providing they have it in stock….if not, I might just have to get that 4GB Samsung and live without the extra storage.

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