Cathedral Time Capsule

There must be a billion time capsule’s buried around the planet. Every kid buries at least one. They get buried by TV programs, when new buildings go up, or by organisations. And of course Voyager is hurtling out into the darkest depths of space as we speak – whether anyone will ever find that one is open to question. It’s not a new phenomenon though, as restoration workers discovered in the giant Cathedral that dominates the Zocalo in Mexico City. They uncovered a time capsule buried in 1791 when the buildings last stone was laid. It seems that a never ending stream of great historical and archeological things are being found in the city lately, from the largest stone circle calendar type thingy, to a new pyramid in Iztapalapa, and now this.

Time Capsule from 1791 Found in Mexican Cathedral

The lead box—filled with religious artifacts, coins, and parchments—was hidden in a hollow stone ball to mark the moment on May 14, 1791, when the building’s topmost stone was laid, 218 years after construction had begun on the cathedral. Workers restoring the church found the box last October inside the stone ball base of a cross that sits atop the 200-foot (60-meter) southern bell tower. Researchers have spent the three months since opening the airtight box and preserving its contents. Among the artifacts was a small case of wax that was blessed by the Pope and served to protect against mishaps, said Rev. Ruben Avila, rector of the cathedral.Also inside was an engraving of a Roman Catholic martyr associated with lightning, Saint Barbara, whose image served as "a religious lightening rod, to protect against damage."

National Geographic

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