Mp3 – The Final Choice…

So, I had decided to get a new Archos. Then I changed my mind and wanted a new Creative Zen. Then a Samsung P2, then a Microsoft Zune. Would you believe I have changed my mind agin? No? Prepare, then, to be unsurprised…

My kindly student now has all my cash and the instructions, new ones, as to what to buy in Best Buy. The Zune has been relegated to third place. In second place is now Apple’s iPod Touch 8gb. And my numero uno choice? The Apple iPod Touch 16gb of course!


Now I know I have rubbished the iPod previously, but there are good reasons for my change of heart! Firstly, I would buy the Archos 605 30gb Wi-Fi. If Best Buy stocked it in their stores. But they don’t, so I can’t. They don’t stock the Samsung 8gb model either, otherwise that would have prolonged my headache inducing decision process.

So that left a Zune v iPod showdown. They both have pro’s and con’s. The Zune has a massive 80gb harddrive, it’s cheaper and it has a radio. The iPod has a bigger screen, better UI (user interface – the icons on the screen and how you access them, for you non geeks) and the internet.

But the deciding factor was simply the software, on both the units and PC. I’ve downloaded and tried both the Zune and iTunes software, and Apple wins that hands down. A million times better. Zune’s software was rubbish in fact. I can also use the iPod to carry around data files, which I can’t do on the Zune. I’ve paid top dollar to get the 16gb model, which although is much smaller than the Zune’s capacity, is for me enough. My music collection is about 8gbs in size and that leaves me with 8 gbs for videos and photos, which really is ample.

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