Who’s stoopid?

The news is full of stories of Mexican immigrants jumping the US border to seek a better life, but rarely the other way round. Which I find amusing, because there are thousands of US citizens who should have jumped the border in the opposite direction to seek a better life. Why? Well….

Suspected killer Marine Cpl. Cesar Laurean is most likely in Mexico, authorities said, and the prosecutor said he has agreed not to seek the death penalty if Laurean is arrested in that country. Onslow County, North Carolina, District Attorney Dewey Hudson told CNN that he was shown “strongly compelling evidence” compiled by federal authorities that shows Laurean is in Mexico. Hudson said he has asked through the State Department that Laurean be arrested if he is found in Mexico. But, he said, he had “no other option” but to take the death penalty off the table if Laurean is found there.

Mexico has a longstanding record of refusing to extradite suspects to the United States if they face a possible death sentence if convicted. “I had to agree not to seek the death penalty,” Hudson told CNN. “My hands were tied if I wanted to bring him here to face murder charges.”

Yup, if those thousands of US citizens had legged it south of the border to Mexico, they’d not be sitting on Death Row right now. Oh the irony – a semi third world country showing a ‘civilised’ western nation the way on human rights…you’ve got to smile!


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