I’m sure I posted something about Zooomr, a Flickr photo sharing rival, quite a while ago when it was having extreme difficulties in upgrading to Mark III. Difficult as in it went offline for weeks and didn’t work properly for ages when it finally did come back on. Well…it is a one man show, so what do you expect. But the thing is, it is really a very nice site. And they do one of the best ‘free’ offers going, much more generous in fact than Flickr. It also has a few features I like that Flickr doesn’t. Firstly, you can set a price for your photos and sell them. Secondly, you can view a large version of a photo, against a darkened background without leaving the page. As seen below…


In fact I like Zooomr so much I decided to shun their free offer and fork out $20 for the Pro account. Even though they’re still having funding issues and are now moving their servers over to Japan. I understand they have received investment there. So now I pay out for both Flickr and Zooomr, which may seem a bit extravagant. Well, I guess it is, but then I have more money going into my PayPal account at the moment than I can withdraw to my bank, so I’ve got to do something with it! Anyway, I’m using Flickr as my main photo site, where I upload all my decent snaps from a day out into a set. Zooomr seems to have a generally higher quality of photo on it, so I’m going to use that to share my bestest photos. Go check them out by clicking here.

So anyway, seeing as you can have a free account which is generous enough for most people to never need to go Pro, I highly recommend them. I don’t know why more people don’t use a decent online photo sharing site for their snaps. What is it with printed paper?!?

(PS – This isn’t an advert, although they should pay me really!) AddThis Social Bookmark Button


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