Crime and Mexico City

I don’t want to dwell on the issue of crime, after my recent post about Augustin the hairdresser, but I came across this article today and it was interesting reading. As far as crime goes here – well it does happen. A fair percentage of my students have been robbed at some stage in their life. But it isn’t so bad that you should let it put you off coming here. Follow a few simple rules – don’t wander the streets at night obviously drunk, becareful regards taxis in tourist zones, and don’t wander into the seedy parts of the city. I’m pretty sure most tourists who ever get into trouble have broken at least one of those rules.

MEXICO CITY, Jan 29 (IPS) – "Keep your heads down, close your eyes and put your hands on your knees, bitches," said the man who climbed into the old taxi, holding up the couple inside at gunpoint. Seconds later another man joined him, wielding a butcher’s knife. Another armed robbery in the Mexican capital was under way. The victims had taken the taxi in the historic centre of Mexico City, disregarding the standard warning: "never stop a taxi in the street, especially at night." The old-model Volkswagen sedan drove for about 15 minutes with the passengers on board before stopping at a traffic light to let the assailants in. María and Fabián had never been the victims of an armed robbery. But their experience that December night has made them part of the statistics of the capital, where three out of 10 people say they have been victims of a crime, although only one person out of 10 reports it, according to surveys. They did not report the incident either, because they thought it would be futile to do so.

Read the entire article.

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