Panasonic Lumix TZ5

My iPod is on the way, but my thirst for gadgetry hasn’t been quenched just yet! I had also been looking at getting a new camera, the Panasonic TZ3, but didn’t quite have enough dinero. Just as well as they’ve announced the replacement ready for a mid April launch. So a little bit of saving and hopefully I’ll have enough money come summer for the brand new TZ5.

I like Panasonic as a company – I’ve had quite a few of their products over the years from TV’s to walkmans and they’ve always been excellent. A real pleasure to own. Unlike Phillips products – yes, I am still waiting for it to be repaired, several months after it went into the shop. But anyway, Panasonic are new entrants to the digital camera market, so you might not have heard much about them. Be rest assured, they generally only do quality, and they have Leica lenses which are excellent.


The specs? We’re talking 9 megapixels with a whopping 10x optical zoom lens with vibration reduction. It’s also a 28mm wideangle lens so you get much more in your shot. It’s also packing their new Venus IV processing engine. And all this fits in a pocket. Hopefully the US$349 launch price will sink under the $300 mark by the time I’m ready to buy. This isn’t an advert by the way, just genuine enthusiasm over my next toy!

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