Bull Fighting

Blood sports aren’t terribly acceptable, socially, in the UK, but no is it terribly popular in Mexico. Which would surprise most people, seeing as this is one of the biggest centres of bull fighting in the world. Indeed, the biggest bull ring in the world in is here in Mexico City – the Plaza del Toros holds nearly 50,000 people. The latest opinion polls suggest that as many as 84% of the population is against bull fighting, and most people I speak to aren’t terribly in favour of it. Although they don’t have the same sort of hostility towards it as fox hunting evokes in Britain.

But still, it is a part of the culture, so I want to go along, just once, to take it in. Good photo opportunity too, I would imagine! The season runs from November to March, so it’s nearing it’s end for this year. So I have pencilled in this Sunday for my first, and probably last, day out at a bull fight. I’ll report back. With pictures! Will this provoke a UK led boycott of my blog?! 🙂

I just have to hope there is no repeat of Pajarito’s escapade from 2006. Little Birdy thought he could fly. So he did…

Phone number for Plaza del Toros : (+52) 5-56 11 44 13

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