Comida Mexicana – Tacos

Tacos. You know what one of them is right? I have noticed that outside of Mexico, Tacos, Burritos et al get a bit confused. So it’s time for a new weekly Blog Series to introduce the heathen to the glory that is Mexican food. And a recipe with each part too!

Anyway, a taco is the most basic Mexican dish. Take one flour tortilla, a filling of your choice, add a little chili salsa, roll it up and start eating. How simple is that? The filling is usually meat of some kind, along with a mix of vegetables. The possibilities are endless.

One of my favourites is Alambre. Wanna try it? You can make it home, no problems. Some of the recipes I have for other dishes take a little bit of doing, but Tacos de Alambre is a cinch!

Fry some chicken breast cut into pieces. You could used beef instead if you want to. Add some chopped onion, bell pepper, tomato and bacon. When nearly ready, sprinkle some grated cheese on top and allow to melt. Serve on a big plate, with another plate of tacos (hot, and wrapped in a tea towel preferably). Everyone can then help themselves.

Of course, you can always add or subtract ingredients. Mushrooms and pineapple go well. Fancy a real salsa. Also easy. Finely chop up an onion, a bell pepper, a couple of chilis and a few tomatos, with a couple of lemons/limes squeezed in to the mix. Hey presto. But don’t forget…

[B]Never serve any Mexican dish without a plate of cut limes/lemons available for extra flavour![/B]


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