Turtle Summer Time

There are a number of different time measures and special days celebrating summer. He in this little part of Mexico City, the official start of summer is Turtle Summer Time. My seven little amigos are tropical creatures by nature and can’t spend nights out during the coldest parts of winter. Which is a bit of a drag – three or four months of dragging them in and out twice a day, with an extra indoor aquarium to clean a couple of times a week. So as soon as things warm up a little – they stay outside! Till next winter anyway. Turtle Summer Time was January 30th this year. Quite early, but it’s been really a very mild winter.

They also have a new basking rock for their pool. Bigger with easier access. The old one was too small and too round which made it hard for Angus to drag his considerable bulk onto, and just as hard for the little ones to stay on once the ‘Bigger Girls’ came to sunbathe. And by the way, Mr Patel is getting better. His wound has scabbed over, and a full recovery is expected! He still spends the evenings indoors so he can get some warm water to help him heal, but today he rejoined his comadres for the first time in about 10 days.

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