The iPod has landed

The wait is over and finally I got my grubby little hands on my iPod. First impressions? Damn Apple! The day I get my iPod Touch 16gb, they release a 32gb version! Ah well, I would probably have gone with the 16gb version anyway – enough capacity for my needs and the price is as much as I can afford. A little disappointed I didn’t get the new January Update package, which I should have. Nevermind, I don’t really need any of the apps anyway.

I set it all up, and the first thing I noticed after spending an hour transferring all my music, was that it needed a software update. I played with my music for a bit first though – enough time to discover that for some reason half a dozen of my album covers were not there in the artwork boxes. Did the update, and then had the re-transfer my music – yes the update deleted it all! And now none of my artwork covers were there! Gonna have to work on that! You can get iTunes to fetch all the covers for you, if you have an iTunes account. But you can’t have an account if iTunes Store isn’t open in your country. It isn’t open in Mexico – Apple should really work on that one.

But the device is a wonder to have, hold and use. The touchscreen is fabulous, the screen quality perfect. The browser surfs the internet just fine to. I have noticed that Facebook, Gmail, Google Reader all work brilliantly in their mobile versions. Flickr only so so. I want slideshows, and the iPod Touch won’t play them. Another thing I’ve noticed – online bookmark managers, such as del.icio.us absolutely suck on mobile screens.

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