The iPod – Day Three

Yes, I really do love my iPod, and yes I really am going to do a daily post on it! Ok, maybe not. It’ll get boring soon. Maybe after a few months – for me. Yesterday, for you. So I’ll make this my last post on the subject. There’s just one thing I wanted to mention – podcasting. I’ve used RSS feeds for audio podcasts before, almost entirely from the BBC. But iTunes is a revolution, for me anyway, in podcasting. As well as the BBC programs, there are a million (maybe..) podcasts to choose from, a lot of them now in a video format. I’ve so far subscribed mostly to the video ones, which last from just a couple for minutes up to 10 minutes in length. Perfect for killing time while I wait for students to collect me from reception! I’ve got a History Channel podcast, as well as English Premier League, ITN and SKY News bulletin and a movie trailer podcast, all subscribed to so they download to my PC and sync onto my iPod effortlessly. Makes buying an iPod Touch worthwhile all by itself!

The other thing I like about the iPod is the significant reduction in pocket real estate that it consumes compared to my old Archos. To be fair, the Archos is more than three years old, has more than double the capacity, a bigger screen and a slot for inserting my camera’s Compact Flash card – I’m still fond of it! I’ll get it a new battery when I’m next in the States.


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