Break the Chain

Nope, not a post about Fleetwood Mac’s tune that was used for the BBC’s Formula 1 motor racing coverage. But it would have been an appropriate song to have been listening to at the time. There I was, merrily cycling home from Lilly on Friday evening. I’d stopped at a road crossing, and then seeing a chance to get across, I put in a quick spurt of energy to accelerate – snap. The bloody chain broke! I’ve only had the bike a month or so! I’ve ridden plenty of bikes, and done thousands, probably tens of thousand of miles of cycling. Up steep hills and across rough ground. I’ve had punctures galore. Brakes have worn completely though. Buckled wheels. But I’ve never had a chain break on me. Why should this have happened. I can only come to one conclusion, and it’s printed large on the frame of the bike – Italian Technology. Anyone who’s ever owned anything Italian will be nodding, fully understanding what I mean…


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