iTunes January Software Update Screen

I’ve been singing the praises of Apple’s iPod Touch and iTunes software for the last week. It had to end, and end it has in the most annoying way! In January the iPhone and Touch had an update made available to them at a cost of $20. A bit of a rip off if you ask me, but I can’t say I was that bothered. It wasn’t an update I needed or wanted massively. Just as well, because in Mexico you can’t have the update because you need an iTunes account. Not availaable in this country.

Nevertheless, every time I plug in my iPod, iTunes comes up with a screen asking if I want the January Software Upgrade. I have three options – No Thanks, Remind Me Later and Take Me There. I click on No Thanks. It takes me there anyway. Annoying, but no big deal. Today it became a big deal though. Today it not only took me there, but wouldn’t then let me access the Summary Page for my iPod. This is rather an important page. This is where I send all my files to the iPod. You could still sync with the iPod and send music and podcasts but I couldn’t send videos. More than annoying.


It took me a couple of hours to finally find a solution. An unsatisfactory one, but at least it works. I also discovered that there are a lot of people also having this problem, not just me. The cure? Just click any of the three options. At the top of the screen iTunes shows it is going to the iTunes store. There is an ‘x’ there. Click it quick!!! If your net connection is real fact, you might have to turn it off. I hope Apple fixes this kinda quick. It sucks big time.

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3 thoughts on “iTunes January Software Update Screen

  1. Anonymous says:

    i was getting VERY VERY ****** with that stupid bug. I think they did it deliberately to force you to buy the upgrade, thanks so much for finding the loophole!

    Regards, Paul/


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