Ashes and Snow

Mexico City does try to keep the citizens entertained, you can’t dispute that. Fake beaches in summer, massive out door rinks in winter. And now they have built a temporary building in the Zocalo to house the Ashes and Snow exhibition by Gregory Colbert. All of these attractions are always free.


Normally I like these sort of things, but this time I’m not so sure. Firstly, they started building it in October and for several months it created an eyesore of container crates and scaffolding. It does look better now that it’s finished, but still. Secondly, how good is the exhibition? I couldn’t tell you. You have to queue for hours and hours to get in, which I just don’t have the patience for I’m afraid. But those who I know who did make it tell me it’s full of photos and videos – they were in and out in 20 minutes. So popular, but time consuming only because of the queue. Lastly….the souvenirs. A whopping 1200 pesos for a poster?!?! You’ve got to be kidding!!!



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