Mexico’s Most Evil Company

Most of Mexico’s people get their gas from tanks stored in their yard and refilled by tankers regularly. But we are ‘lucky’. We have piped gas. Piped gas is pretty rare in the city because of the continual earthquakes which aren’t healthy to piping! So anyway, we get a monthly bill which usually ranges from 250 pesos to 450 pesos. Sometimes we lose the bill/it doesn’t arrive or it doesn’t get paid on time. No problem, we just make sure the next bill, which will include two months of gas, gets paid on time. And they never cut us off. Till this month. On Valentine’s Day! And what irks me is that our bill was just a few days overdue! Tight bastardos!!! Yesterday I had to go all the way to Bellas Artes and pay the bill plus 158 peso reconnection fee. And they’ll reconnect us today. Or Monday. Or Tuesday. Maybe. So this week, a big boo to Natural Gas of Mexico.



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