Mexico’s New Golden Age

Mexico’s football league is one of the richest in Latin America, with huge stadiums and plenty of money floating about. Not quite (or even close to) the scale that occurs in England’s Premier League, but still substantial. Yet it tends to flatter to deceive. Why exactly, I’m not sure. Maybe Mexico isn’t perceived as glamorous enough by the footballers who might move around teams in Latin America.

On a national level, Mexico just never quite has what it takes in the big competitions. A few courageous performances folowed by the inevitable early trip home. Still, that isn’t to say there isn’t talent here, and I think the next ten years might well be interesting for Mexico.

Not long ago Mexico won the U17 World Cup, with a number of players really shining. Carlos Vela has since been signed by Arsenal, although he’s yet to break through to the first team. Cesar Villaluz scored the winner for Cruz Azul on Saturday, a game I went to see. He looks good on the ball and has just been called up to the Mexican national team. But they have one star in particular – Giovani dos Santos. He plays for Barcelona and has been likened to Ronaldinho. Definitely one to keep an eye on. He may play this week against Celtic in the Champions League.



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