Mega Mexico

Everyone knows that Mexico is a big City. It always has been – it’s predecessor, Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire was home to 250,000 people, which made it the biggest city in the world all that time back. It reclaimed that title last century although Tokyo has since surpassed it. But still, with 28,000,000 people calling it home, it’s still one huge megalopolis. There are two parts to the city. Distrito Federal is the metropolitan centre, containing a piffling 8 or 9 million Mexicans. This is where the tourists spend their time. But outside DF, in the Estado de Mexico, the city sprawl continues ever outwards. Mile after mile of it, with the other 20,000,000 citizens trying to scrape a living. Scrape being the operative word. It’s poor, with little in the way of reliable modern utilities and running water is a luxury. The photo below shows the monstrous area known as Nezahualcoyotl. It’s one hell of a grid. Photobucket


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