I know what you’re thinking – two days without a post?! Is he still alive? Yes, I’m still knocking about. I abandoned the turtles for two days and went to Tepoztlan in Morelos, just south of the city. I say ‘just’ but perhaps I should point out you have to go up and down 3100 metre mountains to get there.

It was Paola’s dad’s birthday so a retreat from the smoke of the city was in order, and Tepoztlan was chosen. Which was cool – it’s one of the very few places left within range of the city that I should have visited but (until now) hadn’t. It’s perhaps not as scenic os Taxco or Huichapan but it is still very pleasant. And it does have a few things going for it, including a famous pyramid at the top of a pretty sizeable mountain. Paola’s not so slim brother, who has recently been exercising, decided he could beat me to the top. I guess he based this on me being a smoker and him doing a few kilometres of a cycling machine. It’s meant to take 45 minutes to climb to the top. I did it in about 18. I’ll be nice and just say I won, and not mention how long I had to wait for him. 🙂 He owes me 500 pesos…


It’s also supposedly the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl. But more of that tomorrow, along with the photos which I’ll upload to Flickr. I’m pretty tired right now!


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