Chapultepec Park

Last weekend I managed to have a pretty nice weekend all in all. I’d already blogged about the Art of Chapultepec, but I hadn’t gotten round to the rest of the weekend. Well, I went to see a footy match at Estadio Azul for the first time in a long time. They even managed to win, with their boy wonder Villeluz scoring the winner in a scrappy 1-0 win. On Sunday me, Paola and her in-laws plus kids went off to Chapultepec Park for the afternoon. It’s a central attraction for Chilangos with a (rather mangy) zoo, a big park, a lake, a botanical garden and of course the castle which sits on top of the hill.

I’m not much into zoos so we didn’t go there, but we did have a wander around the botanical garden and its greenhouse. Where, incidentally, I found the perfect place for our turtles to go and live when the time comes! Not that they’ll agree to this, but they have two perfect little indoor pools with sunlight streaming through a stained glass dome type thing. It’s warm, humid – all the things that tropical turts love so much.


Click here to see my photos on Flickr.

After that we wandered down to the lake, queued up for the best part of an hour and then took a couple of paddle boats out onto the lake. Paola did a lot of complaining that we weren’t going fast enough, but not an equivalent amount of paddling sad to say! Bloody knackering it was!


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