Villa de Quinta Xamay

So I’ve finally uploaded all my photos from the weekend. I have to say, on average, I produce a reasonable selection of photos. Some photos are better than others of course. But this bunch are really pretty uninspiring. Feel free to look through them, but I suspect their future viewing lies solely in my getting nostalgic! One thing I kinda forgot to mention in yesterday’s post, is what lie at the top of the mountain I climbed. I mentioned the pyramid, but just before that is a set of gates. Which open at 9am. An hour after I got there. So although I went to the top of the mountain, I never did get to see the pyramid. Shame…


Click here to see all my Flickr photos.

The villa we rented was, like the photos, ok. For 500 pesos a night, it would have been great, but it was actually quite pricey – 1,250 pesos a night. Still, there was a swimming pool and despite the warning signs about keeping shoes on at all times, no scorpions or spiders. They are pretty endemic in this area.


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