The FA Cup

Mexican football is so corrupted by money that most people think it’s fixed, and the competitions are so contrived and overly complicated that if you ask me it just doesn’t have any real magic. That’s not to say the games can’t be exciting, and that’s not to say there isn’t any talent here – there are on both counts. It’s just a shame that the money men rule the game – yes, even more so than in England!

I still get to watch English footy here on Sky, and this years FA Cup has been a stunner. It’s the oldest competition in Football, and is really simple in principle – every team who is registered with the FA can play. That means at the beginning there are more than 600 teams in each years cup. Each round is a simple knockout game – the winner goeson, the loser goes home.


And so, whilst some of the big names will go all the way, it does mean there will be some giant killing along the way. And boy has there been some giant killing this year! First Liverpool were beaten at home by Barnsley, and on Saturday they stuffed Chelsea out of the cup. Yesterday Portsmouth put Manchester United out. And the draw for the semi-finals features 3 teams from a lower division, which is pretty much unheard of.

I’ll be rooting for Pompey, Portsmouth. Not because they are the sole Premiership team, but because they are near to my old home, and their manager, the ever charismatic Harry Redknapp used to come in my shop. He even bought me a Mars bar once! Time to repay the loyalty!

It’s a shame they can’t see the benefits of some tradition in Mexico anyway.


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