Wedding Planning

Today I have made some big strides in arranging the big day. We had originally planned to get married in Chicago, but last week I decided to change my mind! I couldn’t remember why I had gone off Milwaukee some time ago, but a look at their web site reminded me – no information about foreigners getting married! Almost looked like foreigners couldn’t get married in Milwaukee. So we had switched our attention to Chicago. But I got thinking – Chicago is an hour and a half drive away, and can you imagine the logistics of getting everyone there, all dressed up, on a hot Illinois summer’s day? And then back again, with all that booze inside them?! What if there’s a major traffic jam? Potential for disaster at every turn. So today I phoned up the County Clerk’s office in Milwaukee to find out the score, and it so turns out we can get married there. And I knew my blog would come in useful…somewhere to write down all the details for later reference! All we need to get a wedding license is….

  • My passport and birth certificate
  • Paola’s passport and her birthcertificate, translated and notorised
  • The name of the person marrying us, the date and the location

Photobucket Well the location will be the Milwaukee Courthouse, as pictured above. It’s a civil wedding. The wedding license costs US$100 and the ceremony costs US$100. So the next step will be to book the ceremony, before we arrive in Milwaukee, and then trot along when we do arrive in the city to get our wedding license. So now all we need do is help plan the journey for the visitors from the UK, the reception party and the holiday! It’s so easy when you have the internet and Skype you know…


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