Semana Santa

Which in the English speaking world is known as Easter. And it’s approaching fast. Next week in fact. I had hoped to work through as much of Easter as possible, seeing as I am taking the summer off (Las Vegas baby!) and had so many cancellations next week. But nah, they take it seriously here, and the cancellations are rolling in! Still, money isn’t so tight, and cash isn’t a big issue so I’ll enjoy the time off!

This year I hope to finally make it to see the Passion play in Iztapalapa. It’s not so far from my home town – next delegacion along in fact – and it is terribly famous. The play is performed in towns all across the city, but the one they put on in Iztapalapa is the most famous, the biggest and (I think!) the oldest.

The play itself is a painstakingly recreated version of the crucifixion, featuring a cast made up only of locals, with costumes et al. It takes months to prepare and the roles of Jesus and Virgin Mary are hotly contested by the town’s boys and girls. Huge crowds turn up, and hopefully this year I’ll be amongst them! I’ll let you know!



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