Museo Dolores Olmedo

I first went to this museum in Xochimilco just a few months ago, and it is a real gem. We’d seen loads of ads for a Robert Motherwell exhibition entitled ‘I Love NY’ – except it was a splash of blood instead of a heart for the ‘love’ part. I’m lacking the necessary symbols to write it out properly here! Can’t say we’d ever heard of Robert Motherwell, but it was as good excuse to drop by as any, and seeing as we have this week off….

Anyway, it turned out that Robert Motherwell has produced some of the most crap abstract art of all time, and really wasn’t worth seeing! But the rest of the museum was, as ever, excellent. It’s not the cheapest place to get into at 45 pesos each, but it is one of the most peaceful spots in the city. I did manage to get quite a few really good shots of a couple of peacocks that roam the gardens. Plus, of course a few snaps of other random stuff…


Click here to see the photos on Flickr


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