Itchy and Scratchy have been back to visit and are currently enjoying a break in the sun in our yard with Angel and Mr Patel. We now have two pools in the yard since our giant turt Angus mistook the silvery scab on Mr Patel’s neck for a fish and tried to eat him. Angus has a pretty powerful bite and had hold of Patel by the neck for a few seconds before I could rescue him – he tore off the scab and drew blood. Poor Mr Patel. Angus just gets overly excited sometimes. So they are in seperate pools till Mr Patel recovers, and Angel and any visitors keep him company.

But the main news is about two extra visitors. Our neighbour, Itchy and Scratchy’s owner, has really taken to her turtles. So when she went round to her uncles and found he had two little ones in a tiny plastic tray with no heating, no sun and no UV light – both looking very poorly – she rescued them and brought them home! Well….to my home….

Not that I’m keeping them forever. Just until they’ve got their strength back and are healthy again. We’ve named them Florasita (Little Flower) and Petal. Petal is already fine, munching on dried shrimp and learning about the fine turtle art of sunbathing. Florasita on the other hand is very poorly indeed. Hardly moving and not interested in food. Hopefully some anti biotic drops and a little sunshine will help her recover. It’s difficult to get the drops into her mouth though because she is so tiny. Fingers crossed.




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