Mexico City Cycle Race

On Sunday we went up to the Anthropolgical museum to see the new Egyptian Exhibition which has come back to town. Entry is free on Sundays, which I guess is why the queue stretched about half a mile through the park. So we didn’t go. Another day, and to be honest I’d rather pay the 48 pesos and not have to queue.

Still, we did get to see the Museo Rufin Tamayo. Having been very disappointed with the Robert Motherwell exhibition at the Dolores Olmedo last week, I was hoping for something a little better this weekend. It was a little better I guess, but the temporary exhibition consisted mostly of some very amateurisg photography and more abstract nonsense. Such is life.

I did get to play with my camera though, as there was a big cycling event going on. I’m seriously thinking that my next camera should perhaps be a DSLR and not a Point and Shoot. I really do like playing around with the settings. I don’t always get a worthwhile result (perhaps ‘don’t often’ is more accurate than ‘don’t always’!) but when I do it makes photography all worthwhile. Sadly the below photo is one that wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. Still a few filters added in the post processing stage in Photoshop produced something semi interesting…



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