Water Worries

You’ve no idea how much you take certain things for granted. Take water for instance. You turn the tap on, and out gushes a plentiful supply of clean water. Except for here in Mexico City, where it is prone to go off at any moment and you really never have any idea as to when it will return. We are currently on Day 4 of one of the worst water shortages I’ve experienced. We woke up on Monday to find there was no water. It tends to come on at about 8am and again at 11pm for between half an hour to an hour. But that isn’t 100% certain.

To describe it as a pain in the neck is an understatement of grand proportions. You can’t shower, brush your teeth, wash dishes, wash your hands, use the toilet, water the plants or clean the turtles out. Ok, not everyone has turtles, but still. We do have bottled drinking water, but there is only so much you can do with that. Because quite a lot of people are affected it, the bottled stuff sells out in the local corner shops pretty quick, so you have to conserve.

On Monday some of the residents went out and blocked the road to protest but that fizzled out pretty quick. It wasn’t going to change anything. The irony is that this week the government announced that they are going to spend billions on the countries water supply problems. It’s a bit of a conspiracy theory to suggest they then cut our water off so that they could be assured approval for their huge spending plans, but the general public can be a suspicious lot sometimes!



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