Spring Is In The Air

It’s never really cold in Mexico City. Despite the protestations of the locals, I have to insist that a chilly morning in December or January doesn’t warrant the incredible layers of jumpers, jackets, scarves and gloves that the put on. But still, we do have seasons here, and spring has definitely arrived. The first sign comes towards the end of February when the Jacaranda trees bloom and cover the city in a colourful shade of lavendar.

And today the clocks went forward, damn them, which is another sure sign. But if you haven’t noticed any of that then there is always the rise in temperature. And boy has it been hot these last few days. Absolutely baking. Which is good news for the turtles who have all been sunbathing all day long. So warm is it that I’m leaving tiny little Florasita out in the pool with Angel and Patel for the first time tonight. We had been bringing her in every evening to prevent her getting a chill. She has perked up in the last few days and is eating pretty well. Especially if it is tuna fish, ham or…mouldy looking tortugettas. Normally the turts won’t touch any turtle bites that have been in the water for more than a half hour, but she’s developed something of a taste for them.

Anyway, because it’s spring we went down to Xochimilco flower gardens near our home to have a walk, some breakfast and buy a few plants. In the end we didn’t buy too much in the way of flowery stuff, but I did get a few photos. Not many to be honest – I’m beginning to find that I’ve photographed most stuff in this city to death! It’s getting harder and harder to find something totally new…


See all the photos in the set on Flickr


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