Absolut-ly Outraged

Do ya like the map below? If you’re from the US you might (if you are a Fox News type of person) be outraged! Apparently. If you’re Mexican, you might shrug and mutter a few Spanish obscentities at the thieving Yankee swines who stole half the country! If you are looking at it from an entirely neutral perspective, you might believe it was a demographic map, not a political one, showing the population divide between European and Hispanic descent…. 😉

The map itself is actually an old one, pre US-Mexican war of the 1840’s, used by Absolut, the Vodka producers, in an advert in Mexico. It hasn’t been aired in the US, but needless to say that aselection of right wingers have stumbled across it and are expressing their outrage. What I really want to know, is what they find so outrageous. That their ancestors robbed so much land? That they are still occupying the land? That Mexicans have the cheek to learn history and know that they’ve had their land robbed? It’s just a mystery I guess…



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