iPod Misery

I really haven’t been having much luck with my purchases over the last six months. Firstly I bough a TV – well that was back last August – which lasted about two months and then died. And no, we haven’t had it back from the repair shop yet. It’s always going to be ready ‘next week’. Then there’s my nice and shiny Benotto bicycle which lasted about two months before the chain snapped. That got repaired for just 10 pesos, but now it’s slipping the chain so badly it’s virtually unrideable.

And no the harshest blow of all. My iPod. Last night it went dead, without any warning and for no apparent reason. I plugged it into the PC. Nada. I put it into recovery mode and then tried to restore through iTunes – Error 1604 and nada. Tried a new Windows user account. Nada. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes. Nada. Tried ZiPhone unlocking software. Nada, nada, nada.

The one thing I have learned is that there are thousands having iPod Touch problems. Apple have a somewhat dodgy reputation for building reliable products and I appear to have found this out the hard way. It’s dumb. How to make sure I don’t buy a nice expensive iMac – sell me a crappy non functional MP3 player. Even if (hopefully when) I do get it working again, my iPod has just had too many issues. Too many people are having too many issues. It’s not just me. I will never buy Apple again. One bitten, twice shy as they say….



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