Pollution Problems

Every now and then I get sore eyes. Sometimes it stings quite a lot, but never for long. But for the last few days my eyes have been so damned painful! Open or closed, they have been stinging non stop, but I think I have finally sussed out why. I had always put it down to tiredness or staring at my laptop for too long! But nope….it’s the damn pollution in the air.

It’s been very hot lately, and there’s been no wind, so the contaminants which are so prevalent in the city are just hanging in the air. I’m sure that cycling along the roads for several miles on Tuesday, and going up to the even smokier north of the city on Wednesday have severaly aggravated the problem.

One of my students told me this morning that there are high pollution warnings at the moment – this means that owners of cars with certain license plate numbers are not allowed to drive them on certain days. They have to go by metro – which is like travelling in a toaster at the moment with the heatwave that we’re having! I love the dry season, but I have to say, for the sake of my poor eyes….roll on the rainy season! Only a month or so to go.


How I feel at this very moment…


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