The Fisherman

I must confess, I didn’t take the photo below myself. So I can’t upload it to Flickr, which is just for my photos. I’m a bit possissive about things like that. But it was just too nice a photo not to post somewhere, so here it is. It was taken by Paola (I assume) on her recent trip to Playa Ventura, which lies on the Mexico’s Pacific coast a few hours south of Acapulco.

It’s not just a nice picture. It also sums up all the reasons why I prefer little coastal villages to the mega resorts. Firstly, this guy isn’t walking along the beach trying to sell the fish. He’s just brought them back from his boat, from which he caught them himself. He’s smiling, ahppy to have his photo taken, not trying to charge anyone for the privilege.

And it’s just normal daily life for normal people who were born here, will probably live all their lives here and will one day die here. The tourists came here to see him, not the other way round. Shortly after this photo was taken he took the fish home to cook with his wife, and if you ask him nicely he’ll probably invite you to eat. It won’t be massed produced tourist dinner, it will be a freshly cooked home dinner for the family. Vive Playa Ventura!



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