Pillars of the Earth

I’ve started a new book today. I bought it in Sanborns for the princely sum of 120 pesos. Which is about 12 dollars, or 6 British pounds. The same price as every English language book. I don’t usually post every time I start a new book, because I read a lot of books and it really isn’t a big deal. Except this one rather is a big deal. Big as in 991 pages. With each page having a tiny font and minimal margins. If it were printed in a John Grisham font, this’d be a good 1,500 pages! I must confess this is by some marging the longest book I’ve ever read – if we can exclude the Bible which was rather forced on me at school. Meh – I can’t knock the Bible really. If ever you run out of smoking papers, a few Psalms are the next best thing!

But anyway, I’ve read a few 800+ page books, a reasonable handful of 700+ page books and plenty of 600+ page books. But never a 991 page book. Actually, I’m a little disappointed it doesn’t top 1,000 pages. Seeing as I’ll be going so far. I can’t even say the subject – fiction set in 12th Century England – or author are my normal cup of tea. But there is a moral to this story. I’ve saving up for a summer of weddings, computers and cameras! Anything I do spend now has to give me maximum value for money. It’s got to last! And Ken Follett gives me double the value, almost of Stephen King!



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