The Metro Card

Yesterday I finally bought myself a pre-pay Metro card! Whilst this might seem old hat in most cities, it’s something that is very new to Mexico City’s metro system – it only came out last year. Before then you just bought the 2 peso tickets. No such thing as a daily, weekly or season travelcard! I use the metro plenty, so it seems worth the effort. It cost 10 pesos for the plastic card which I then put 90 pesos of credit on. That works out at 45 journeys. Once I’ve used it up I can just recharge it.

You don’t really save any money though. There’s no discount, and I’ve mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, it’s a scheme that could save the system a lot of money if everyone used one. On the other hand, the metro is incredibly cheap already, so why complain. Meh.

The biggest persuasive factor for me though came yesterday. The entry gates you slip your ticket in often become jammed, and if enough of them become jammed, huge queues build up. Yesterday this happened to me at Cuatro Caminos. Literally hundreds of people all in a line waiting for someone to fix a gate or two and get things going. I was cursing all the people who kept jumping over the metal queue dividers and pushing in, rude bastards, until I realised….they had the plastic metro cards and didn’t need to insert a ticket. Just press the card against a seperate card reader and through they went. The gates were only broken for us suckers who needed to ticket insert machine thingy majig!


My actual card, scanned for your viewing pleasure!


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