A Private House

I’ve been reading a lot lately about photographers rights. The basics are, in the UK, USA and Mexico at least, that you can photograph anything or anyone providing you are on public property. It doesn’t matter if the person is on private property, it’s where you are standing and taking the photos from that counts. One of my favourite online photographers, Thomas Hawk, seems to have a regular bitch at people who don’t know the law and attempt to stop you taking photos in the street. There’s also this buffoon of a security guard making a pratt of himself on a Flickr post.

Why am I mentioning this? Well yesterday, while out on my bike ride through the Centro Historico, I came across a bizarre little pink art deco type house. Well worth a photo! So I snapped one. And then I wandered off snapping other things in view. About thirty seconds later a man appeared at the doorway shouting “Hey, no fotos” or something of similar effect. No photos? Of his house? Dude, you own a bizarre looking house right in the middle of the city’s tourist zone. It’s going to get photographed. I did the only thing one should do in such circumstances. I took another photo. His bark was clearly worse than his bite – he didn’t move from his doorway. So for being such a grumpy old fool, he ended up with not just one photo being taken of his property, but two. And a whole blog post with the photo of his house. Idiota…


Click here for the full size original.


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