I Like To Ride My Bicycle

Every Sunday a huge chunk of the centre of Mexico City is closed to traffic, and a circuit created to let the people of Mexico City take their bikes, skates, and other wheeled contraptions out for a ride. Free of car fumes and dodgy drivers. I’ve had my bike a few months now, but hadn’t quite found the time (or energy!) to make the trek up to the centre. I’ve got a thirty minute ride to Metro Taxquena to get a train there just to start off with. They only let you take your bikes on the metro (la ultima wagon, por favour!) on a Sunday, by the way.

But yesterday I packed my little Fuji camera, got on my bike and went up there. And I had a great few hours! It was fantastic, having the whole road to cycle on, along with hundreds, maybe thousands of other cyclists. I have decided that every single city in the world should do this. Any country who doesn’t have at least one major city closed on Sundays for cyclists should be added to Bush’s Axis of Evil list, and threatened with invasion!

The circuit goes all the way from the Zocalo, past Bellas Artes, down Reforma by the Angel of Independence and on to Chapultepec Park. And then back! That’s a pretty long ride I can tell you. But hey, I got some exercise, caught a little sun (yep, I have a bright red face!) and took loads of photos. I really went to town with the post processing with some of these snaps, and even if I say so myself, I got some especially good results for once!


Click here to set the full set of photos on Flickr


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