Dag Nammit!

I’ve posted quite a few times about how much crime there is in Mexico City. My barber tortured and murdered, others robbed at gun point, a neighbour shot in the leg for a wrist watch. Shit happens. Happened to me today….such is life. There I was walking round the corner, just metres from home and some dude pulled a gun on me. What do you do? I gave him 50 pesos from my pocket and declared that to be all I had on me. He’s obviously done it before and wasn’t so easily fooled! It really was all the cash I had, which wasn’t much, but unfortunately I did have my (much blogged about!) iPod Touch on me as well. So I’m now an ex-iPod Touch owner.

He decided to take my bag as well. It was very heavy. I bet he thought he’d struck gold with that. I’m trying to picture the look of disappointment on his face when he eventually opened it and discovered there were just a few books in there. Scruffy, old and totally unsaleable books. Not even in a language he could understand! My metrocard was in there with about 50 pesos of credit on it, and my UK driving license. I guess he’ll be pleased at the former, but not the latter, which will do him no good whatsoever.

I went home, got Paola’s brother, armed myself with a big hefty spanner and went down the alley he disappeared into, to either find him, or maybe an abandoned bag of books. But it was an absolute labyrinth in there. It turned into a bit of a shanty town…I hadn’t realised there was an area of such poverty so close to home. Didn’t find anything in the half hour we were hunting anyway. Such is life.

Still, things could have been worse. Sometimes (although not often) a robber will just shoot the person anyway, even once he has everything. I didn’t really think of that at the time. I was looking at the gun, and trying to decide whether to just beat the crap out of him or not. That is what is perhaps the most frustrating thing of all. He wasn’t small, but not big either. I’m pretty sure that, minus a gun, he would have been the victim. But then he did have a gun. So it’s a bit of a gamble to throw a punch. He didn’t point it away from my gut even for a moment, so there were no ‘chances’ to act anyhow.

Also, even though I lost my iPod, I should have had a load of other stuff on me at the time. I was going to get my passport renewed today, and was going to take my camera. I had them all stacked up ready to put in my bag, but forgot! I’ll recognise his acne scarred ugly mug if I see it again though. He’d best keep that gun on him at all times….



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